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Marlo's Music Story

Marlo Shay Boutte' is a singer/songwriter who wrote and recorded her first CD in 1999 in North Hollywood California when she was working for a record company and was given the opportunity to record on 2-inch tape (before recording on the computer became wide spread).  As a Music Artist, this was one of the most exciting times because she recorded with studio musicians who were also friends of Marlo's and they knew her.  It's almost as if they knew her style and groove and seamlessly helped to create her unique sound.   It took her a year to complete these recordings, moving around from studio to studio, after the original recording engineer went wacko on her trying to hold her recordings hostage.

Her then boyfriend, guitar player and also, a recording engineer, helped to recover them

as well as mixing and final touches on the songs.  He provided that Eagles style guitar she was

looking for and put the funk in her song, Natural.

She was well received, playing out around Hollywood with her band, Marlo & The Painkillers.  She continues to write, sing and produce her original material

in Las Vegas.

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